Covid-19 Information

Covid-19 Information

Covid-19 und der Onlineshop von Chips & Champagner

Hello everyone, we hope you are well. We wanted to use the Sunday today to give you a small Covid-19 update. Of course we at the collective are also affected by the Covid-19 effects in Cologne. That concerns primarily our planned events, MeetUps, the Photokina activities, but also the jobs of our free artists from the collective.

Nevertheless, Covid-19 does not affect the ordering process of our online shop at the moment. Of course we are very happy about that. Our logistics partner DHL has already prepared for a crisis mode. As of today, the shipping with DHL is still running with a few small changes. Since we also handle the order picking here in Cologne and our processes can be managed by one person alone, we can still process and ship every order from you. As long as DHL is still delivering and picking up your order, the Chips & Champagner online shop and your orders are not affected by the Corona virus! If it takes a little longer, please forgive us. We promise to pack every order on the same day and deliver it to DHL as soon as possible. If it does take 7 days until your order arrives, please check with us and DHL. Thank you very much for your understanding and your orders.

We are all the more pleased about every one of you out there who is currently using the time to secure one of our products from various artists. Thanks for your support and loyalty!

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