Künstler im Interview: 10 Fragen an Lukas Piel

Artists in interview: 10 questions to Lukas Piel

Lukas Piel

In the context of our group exhibition at Ehrenfeld Hopping today, the Cologne photographer Lukas Piel is also showing some of his works. Armed with an analog camera, he roamed the streets of Cologne and documented everyday life. Sometimes beautifully shaped, sometimes abstract. Sometimes absurd. What drives one of Cologne's most hard-working and talented up-and-coming photographers and skilled media designers, we asked him here for our small artist format. You can now buy a few of his previously published works here in our shop.

Summarize your work in three words.
spontaneous, natural, authentic

Ok, & in a little more detail now, preferably in complete sentences.
All my shoots and photos are spontaneous. I am no friend of making crazy concepts and getting stuck on THE one direction. I like to be inspired and guided spontaneously. That's exactly how this certain natural and authentic picture look is created. I don't care if a picture is not 1000% sharp - it is important to me to capture the moment.

When did you start doing that, how did you figure this was your thing?
I started with photography 3 years ago during my training as a media designer. At that time with a lot of long time exposures and architecture shots. The main thing is always to do and try something new. But then I quickly came to the photography of people. But the real knot burst last year, to take photography really seriously and add a level to it.

Where do you get your inspiration?
I actually get inspired by a lot of things. Music, illustrated books, the internet, but also sometimes by meeting certain other artists and people.

What are your goals?
I hope I will continue to have such fun photographing for a long time to come. So one goal would be to put me in the position to continue doing what I want to do.

You got any good advice for people who are just starting out?
I learned a lot from taking pictures on the street. Look, perspectives, react quickly, handling light. You learn all that in street photography. So grab your camera and get out.

On days when you just don't feel like doing your stuff at all, how do you manage to motivate yourself to do it after all?
It's rare. And when it does, just turn the music on and go.

What was the best moment you were able to experience thanks to your work?
To be able to realize the first own exhibition.

Why should people buy your stuff at Chips & Champagner Store?

Nothing better for the wall than some nice analog street shots. ;)

& finally, chips or champagner?
Then I will definitely have the Cologne champagne a.k.a GAFFEL. And you can't say no to chips anyway.

You can find more of Lukas and his work not only here in our shop, but also on Instagram, Behance and his Website.
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