Neu im Shop: "Tage Danach" von BENHAMMER

New in our shop: " Tage Danach " by BENHAMMER

We are happy like little children who for once do not have to go to bed after the sandman. Since the 1.12. is with "Tage Danach" finally the second photobook by photographer and blogger Ben Hammer is available. We are distributing it in the name of Ben, because we consider both photobooks to be highly recommendable. Okay, maybe he has been bribing the collective for years or is in possession of some spicy information with which he is blackmailing us. But the public will never know. Let's hope not.

For over a year Ben worked on the illustrated book together with Katharina. In Katharina he found the perfect partner in Crime for this project. Countless black and white films shot with his Contax G2, so that in the end "Tage Danach" could arise.

As already with "Das Leben und Sterben des BENHAMMER" Ben limited himself from the beginning of the production to a single camera, with which the entire book should be created. Unlike in the first work, however, not in the bright colors of the expired analog films, but in the melancholic beauty of black and white films.

The films were developed and scanned by "Mein Film Lab" here in Germany, the layout was done by Matthes Zimmermann, Lukas Piel and Ben Hammer. Many of the ideas that were already in "Das Leben und Sterben des BENHAMMER" were now consistently continued. Thus, not only the story, but also the layout continues seamlessly from Volume 1 and continues the documentary narrative style with " Tage Danach " in a semi-fictional work.

On now 198 pages, Ben tells of the love between man and woman in almost always unstaged photos. About the fascination, the trust, about getting to know each other, about falling in love and finally about the predictable separation. Ben does not want to reveal how much autobiographical experience he has had with the work, but would rather leave this area of interpretation to the viewer.

In handwritten notes and with the appropriate selection of 18 song quotes from current German-language pop music, he tells of love in text and pictures. The playlist for the book is available for free on Spotify and it gives you a good musical foretaste of what you can expect.

Besides the book we also have some goodies like fine art prints and turnaround posters in the shop. Everything is limited, just like the first and only edition of "Tage Danach" with 1000 copies.

We hope you like the illustrated book Numero 2 from the STUDIO BENHAMMER forge as much as we do.

By the way, all orders received by us until 20.12.2018 will be delivered to you on time until Christmas Eve. That's a promise.

Your Chips & Champagner Team

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