Künstler im Interview: 10 Fragen an Ben Hammer

Artists in interview: 10 questions to Ben Hammer

Here in the blog we want to introduce you to all artists that are represented in our shop. The first one is the photographer and blogger Ben Hammer from Cologne. Since 2015 he lives and works in Cologne. His studio is also the meeting point of our collective. So it's no wonder that his two illustrated books are waiting for you to buy them here exclusively from us. You can find out more about the Internet man, self-proclaimed ambassador for Koelsch and philanthropist here:

Künstler BENHAMMER Chips & Champagner

Summarize your work in three words.
Photography, events and humanconnections...

Ok, & in a little more detail now, preferably in complete sentences.
Visual storytelling for brands and people. Preferably in a relaxed atmosphere with a few Koelsch. Or champagne, if necessary. I don't know more exactly myself. Somehow everything that is fun and has to do with people I would describe as my work. Taking pictures, throwing events, podcasting, presenting things I like in my blog. And so on.

When did you start doing that, how did you figure this was your thing?
Pretty much in 2010. One fine spring morning, a pink budgie landed on my windowsill and chirped to me, "Ben, you're a lost child, do what you want, I can't help you anymore." And so here I am, years later, enjoying the things I do.

Where do you get your inspiration?
From the Internet, movies and things I like myself. When I see them, I want to do something cool.

What are your goals?
To be able to continue doing what I enjoy doing. Not having to worry too much and having a good time with my fellow men.

You got any good advice for people who are just starting out?
Hang in there and keep going as long as you enjoy it. If it's not fun anymore, do something else.

On days when you just don't feel like doing your stuff at all, how do you manage to motivate yourself to do it after all?
Most of the time I do something else that I've wanted to do for a long time. When I no longer feel like it, I usually want to do what I have to do again. But often it helps to do it simply.

What was the best moment you were able to experience thanks to your work?
There's a lot of them. Long e-mails from podcast listeners, meetings at events. Currently I am very happy about the honest feedback on my second illustrated book "Tage Danach".

Why should people buy your stuff at Chips & Champagner Store?
Because you support my work and my firm conviction that one can live with having fun at work. I hope that this will motivate even more people to discover and live their passion.

& and finally, Chips or Champagner?
Haribo and Koelsch. Except at release events – then Champagner.

You can find Ben on the Internet at Instagram, Facebook, his website and his blog

Portrait of Ben © Philipp Reinhard

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