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Ben Hammer

35mm Lightleaks #1

35mm Lightleaks #1

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Together with photographer Ben Hammer, after the Film Grain Pack #1 with Marcus Nitschke, we now bring the charm of real Lightleaks from old analog films into the digital world. As a byproduct of the film development for his first illustrated book "Das Leben und Sterben des BENHAMMER" (The Life and Death of BENHAMMER), which you can also get in our shop, we made over 50 film scans of Lightleaks. We have packed the best 50 into this Lightleak Pack for your own image processing.

In contrast to digitally reproduced Lightleaks, these are Lightleaks with 35mm film grain produced in real cameras on real analogue film. All films were digitized with a Pakon scanner. Each scan is unique in its own way.

Unlike the digital noise and grain effects of Lightroom, Photoshop or CaptureOne, these film scans are not based on technical calculations but on chemical development processes and unique light exposure. A difference you can see with the naked eye. Try it out!

Our first digital Lightleaks Box #1 contains these fifty Lightleaks

Using the 35mm Lightleak files

To process your images with the 35mm film grain files you need a layer-capable graphics program, for example Photoshop or Gimp. But it also works with any other image editing program that supports layers. A step by step guide can be found in the README.HTML from the download.

And now have fun trying it out!

Examples of use from other creative people

Filmleak angewandt auf SW Foto

Lightleak 050 on a black and white photo

Lightleak auf einem Farbfoto

Lightleak 012 on a color photo

Lightleak auf einem Stillife Produktfoto

Lightleak 013 on a Stillife product photo

Technical data of the 35mm Lightleak files

  • 50 .JPG files
  • between 665 kb and 3,8 mb
  • between 1178 × 1470 PX and 5983 × 3727 PX resolution
  • between 72dpi and 1200dpi
  • including usage rights

If you have tried them, we are of course pleased to see your results. Share them with us in the Chips & Champagner Community on Facebook or tag your results on Instagram with the hashtags #chipsundchampagner & #35mmfilmkorn

We collect Best-Of's every month. In addition, there are prizes from the shop and shopping vouchers for our store.

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